Auckland Buyers Look to Taranaki

“As we are all aware, the Auckland market has risen so rapidly in recent times that owning a property in Auckland is now beyond the reach of many. Many of those who own homes are saddled with huge mortgages, leaving little money to enjoy a lifestyle. There has been a move by many Aucklanders to look further afield, either for investment or, if they are in a position to do so, to move their families to regional New Zealand where property is affordable and the lifestyle is more relaxed.”

The above is an excerpt from a blog I wrote 2 years ago regarding the number of Aucklanders moving to New Plymouth to escape the big City lifestyle or, investing in residential real estate at a level unheard of in a major metropolitan city. In the intervening two years, interest in Taranaki property from Auckland buyers has continued to grow proportionate to increasing Auckland property prices.

In September, we will represent our vendors properties at the Auckland Home Show Those clients who confirm their listing with us before August 18 will receive a full page advertisement in the Home Show Magazine, plus other added benefits, at our cost. Their properties will be showcased to an estimated 48,000 Home Show attendees. To find out more, click the link below and call Darryl or me on 0800ATBAYLEYS

Bayleys Taranaki AHS


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