Auckland Buyers Look to Taranaki

“As we are all aware, the Auckland market has risen so rapidly in recent times that owning a property in Auckland is now beyond the reach of many. Many of those who own homes are saddled with huge mortgages, leaving little money to enjoy a lifestyle. There has been a move by many Aucklanders to… Read More

Harvey Taylor Club Agents are Proactive in Finding the Best Buyers

Christina Harvey, Darryl Taylor and Iain Taylor are always looking for new and exciting ways to promote their clients’properties to as wide an audience of prospective purchasers as possible. To this end, one of them has attending the International Job Expos in bothe the United Kingdom and Australia each year for the past four years.… Read More

Meet the Residential Team at Harvey Taylor Club @ Bayleys

Christina Harvey and Darryl Taylor – dependable real estate professionals, reaching buyers others can’t Christina Harvey and Darryl Taylor are the dependable real estate professionals who specialise in marketing properties in New Plymouth and the surrounding suburbs. It is this dependability, coupled with their ability to successfully manage, what is ultimately, a very stressful process… Read More